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Today's post is an attempt to make the world a tiny bit better with your help, hopefully.
All those world news we receive daily, with disasters, wars, happening all around us are breaking my heart and are heavily weighing on me. I dream of a world where killing and bombing wouldn't have become normality but would rather be the exception or non-existent, where race and religion wouldn't be a dividing but rather a uniting factor, where power and greed would be replaced by love, caring and sharing.

This is not a post about political opinions, but one where I would like to use our collective power to gather some money for causes that I would like to support: in the pictures above, I made spoons with a heart, which I would like to sell, to you, and collect funds to send to the Swiss Solidarity organization ((La chaîne du bonheur - Glückskette) (@glueckskette - @chainedubonheur).
100% of the proceeds will be given to them (as support to Afghanistan and the crisis in the Middle East - there's tens of causes I would like to donate to but... let's start with those two).
Those spoons all have a tiny defect that you might not even notice, this is why I will not ask you for the full price I normally charge them for: I will let you choose to donate between 15CHF and 30 CHF (or more of course!). Swipe left and have a look at the different spoons, write me with the number(s) of the spoons you would like (or if you don't mind which one, I will choose which one to send you) and I will send you a QR code to scan and pay. I will cover shipping (to Switzerland) and the Twint fees (yes, there's always fees the seller has to pay with each transaction ;)
Thank you all for your help and contribution!