Gathering funds to donate to an NGO working in Afghanistan

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I have been wanting to collect some funds for an NGO, Swiss Solidarity, which works in Afghanistan (but not only) and thought of a way we could join forces and I could do this with spoons.
I have a box of spoons which I usually sell at markets, spoons that are not in perfect shape, have lost their shine, have some scratches, a dent, maybe I stamped the letter wrong and didn't put them for sale at full price, some of them you can hardly tell there's something wrong with it, some you can, but they are fully functional - just less pretty than the "normal" ones ;)
On the pictures beside are all those spoons which are for sale for 12.- (instead of 38.- or 40.-) and 100% of the proceeds will go to the NGO.
You can also donate more than 12.- if you feel like it :)
Have a look, choose the one(s) you would like, and I will send them to you.
I will cover the shipping cost (within Switzerland).
Please send me an email with the spoons you choose and I will send you my bank details for a bank transfer.
Thank you in advance for your donation!
Ps. the crossed spoons are already sold, I will keep updating the pictures as they are being  sold.