Gathering funds to donate to the Swiss Solidarity organization

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Dear friends, some of you might remember the donation action I did last year for Afghanistan: together we collected more than 1000.- (and a wonderful generous donor gave me double this amount for this cause- I am forever grateful to him).

Today I see what is happening in Pakistan (even though it's not so much on the medias at the moment), it breaks my heart and I am thinking that with your help, we can collect some funds to send to the Swiss Solidarity organization (La chaîne du bonheur - Glückskette) (@glueckskette - @chainedubonheur)
I do not have much time to make a big selection of spoons like last time, but I gathered all the spoons with a ♥️ I have already made and will offer those to a price of minimum 15CHF, up to how much you are willing to donate (consider that I normally sell a spoon for 38/40CHF). I will cover the shipping cost (to Switzerland only) and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Swiss Solidarity organization for the help to Pakistan.
There are so many projects I would like to support (and I do privately, at my own scale), but right now this seems to be urgent and together, we can have a bigger impact.
Let me know which spoon(s) you would like, I will keep updating the pictures according to what is still available/is gone. If you don't mind which spoon you receive, please let me know also, it will make it much easier for me :)
Thank you all in advance for any support or contribution you are willing to make!