My anchor - My sail

Product Description

By buying this "my anchor - my sail" set, you directly support the project "R'Ose Transat". In November 2019, a female crew will cast off to cross the Atlantic. Made up of 8 women, including 6 who have been through breast cancer, a doctor and a skipper, the crew will embark on a great human adventure. This expedition allows these women who have been through cancer to face their own fears to regain confidence in life and also aims to encourage female vocations in the world of sailing.

The project R'Ose Transat is a non-profit organization. Because the sail carried the women of the crew during the illness, once the crossing of the Atlantic made, the remaining balance of the donations collected will be transferred to new projects related with the navigation and to support the women affected by cancer, so that they can one day, also realize their dream of navigation.

Author of several books, Elisabeth Thorens-Gaud will keep the logbook of this adventure which she will publish in the Favre editions in 2020, on the occasion of October rose - the month dedicated to breast cancer.

40% of the sales of this set will be donated directly to the project.

Read more about the project here (in french).

Thank you in advance and from the heart for all your support!



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