Soup kit: including a soup ladle with message, a Bülach canning jar from 1915-1950 and soup ingredients

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I was super lucky to find those old Bülach canning jars in Zürich, and I am happy to share my finding with you! The soup kit include:

-a vintage silverplated ladle with the message of your choice

-a Bülach canning jar of 1L (dating from 1915-1950)...

-...containing 5 different kinds of organic beans, lentils and grain (for now: kidney beans, chickpeas, green lentils, red coral lentils and barley).

Here is a glimpse of the story of those historical jars, produced by Glasshütte Bülach :

"(...)The premise was simple. An average household in Switzerland in the 1920s spent about 40 % of its income on food, which provided pretty strong motivation to grow one’s own fruit and vegetables. Those who could, cultivated a kitchen garden. The harvest had to be stored, preferably for several years, so it would not perish.  The first boiling flask made of green glass, available in two sizes of one and two liters, was produced in Bülach in 1915. As the method of sterilization used in preservation of food in Bülach jars was complex and required considerable explanation, the cantonal offices of wartime economy as well as women’s associations and other charitable organizations arranged courses all over the country staffed with hastily trained instructors.
The final breakthrough came in 1924 when the Bülach glass works introduced a new boiling flask which made the filling of jars with hot or even boiling content much easier and included a new and simple closing method. The bail closure was completely water tight and as easy to apply and clean as the swing stopper of a beer bottle. In World War II, the wartime economy took over organization of everyday provisioning, overseeing the smallest details of business and private life, and Glashütte Bülach’s product range reflected the spirit of the times. As was to be expected, competitors and product pirates entered the market. But Glashütte Bülach held a trump card - its well known and legendary green bottle was an easily recognizable brand characteristic. (...) In 2002, Glass production at the Bülach plant was discontinued in its 111 th year of operation. Prices collapsed due to internationalization of the markets (...)"

Read more about  Glasshütte Bülach here (source from above text) !

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