May 20, 2014

New product: bracelets made out of silver spoons!

By Maya Chelmis

Dear friends,

I am happy and proud to finally show you an extension of my "line", with a different use of silver cutlery.
They are the same old silver plated spoons but turned into bracelets!
I only have a few pieces for now (about 20 pieces), and will be showing and selling them at my stand in the BIG store in Viadukt, during the Kreislauf 4&5 this weekend in Zürich (Friday 16h-21h, Saturday 11h-18 and Sunday 11h-18h), 
along with the usual customized spoons, of course!
They will be available for purchase on my website after the Kreislauf .

Each bracelet has the name and the year that the pattern was first produced; the ones I have so far range from 1937 to 1961, and each one comes with a fresh water pearl (see pictures).

Come have a look this weekend