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  • I haven't been writing or updating the blog so much (if you don't want to miss any news make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook) but this is something that needed to be shared: the TO GO cutlery (aka say-no-to-plastic cutlery).

    This is something I have been thinking about for a while. I must admit, it hurts me to see all the one use plastic products we use daily. I watch the people around me taking all these to go lunches in plastic recipients, eat them with plastic cutlery, then buy a bottle of water that contains so little water in it. Be invited to a barbecue and have to use a plastic plate and cutlery and put it in the trash 10 minutes later. With a tiny bit of organization, we could avoid most of that trash.
    We could carry a coffee cup with us, if we know we take a daily coffee to go. Some restaurants offer a little discount if we bring our own container for the to go lunch (ok the discount doesn't really matter, we can do it only because it's better to ;), we could carry some cutlery with us, they don't take much room in a bag that most of us carry anyway. Oh wait, my job is to sell cutlery!!! So this is where I can do my active part and not only blabla! I created a little set with a "to go" spoon and fork. I tested it myself for a few weeks before sharing it with you and I must say I use it all the time. Whenever someone offers me a plastic spoon or fork, I say NO THANKS! and I wave my "to go"cutlery at them! The spoon and fork have a hole at the handle so that they can be attached together to a ring and come in a little pouch for your to carry them in your bag.

    I made two versions on this set, one personalized (with words on the spoon and the fork) and another "word-free" version so that I could offer at a better-priced option. You can find the "to go cutlery" under this page.

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  • Away until April 12 2018

    ANNOUNCEMENT! I will be away form my workshop until April 12. If you need anything until then, make sure to place your order on or write me at until this Sunday March 25. I will finalize all orders on Tuesday March 27 and the rest will be fulfilled when I return after April 12. Happy Easter time!


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  • BIG NEWS: I am expanding! Discover my new collection of personalized necklaces  "BEAUTIFUL TIMES".

    You can choose from 3 shapes of pendant (circle, hexagon or moon), the letter I should stamp on it (or just a if you prefer). They all come with a vintage little watch mechanism and you can choose the length of the chain (40, 50 or 65cm). It's all 16K polished gold plated over brass.

    54CHF and shipping worldwide order here.

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  • YES! I am finally and officially launching my new line of SWISS spoons and key rings, which means I am off next week in the mountains to look for nice tourist/souvenir stores that would carry the swiss collection. I am starting with Graubünden (Klosters and around, Davos, St Moritz, Arosa etc). If anyone has any ideas or tips please share, anything is welcome! If you know of a specific village or store let me know! More pictures and products here.


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  • Thank you Sofia for the lovely featuring, I feel honored!

    See the full post here.


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  • TLS on the blog La Bulle de Véro

    Merci Véro for the nice blogpost!

    See the whole post here

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  • Chocolate loving spoons ♥

    3 more sleeps before the Wienachtsdorf - Weihnachtsdorf Zürich starts! I am getting excited (and a bit nervous, it will be an intense 4 weeks) and I am also super happy to present you an exclusive product I will have only on my stand at Bellevue, loving spoons dipped in chocolate (with a ganache heart for the perfect sweet and wintery gift and in limited edition!
    Thank you to taucherli for the great collaboration, it's all made in Zürich baby!

    Here is the "making of", which was a lot of fun!



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  • Christmas is coming!

    Hello friends!

    I haven't posted on the blog in a while, sorry I have been lazy ;) If you would like updates of everything going on follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

    Here's an update of what's going on this Christmas season, I am all over this year!

    Saturday November 25 - Noël des Créateurs - Caves de Couvaloup Morges
    Saturday December 2 -  St. Galler Christchindlimarkt - St. Gallen
    Fri-Sat-Sun December 8-9-10 - La Chouquette fait son Noël - L'assise à Lausanne

    Saturday December 9 -  St. Galler Christchindlimarkt - St. Gallen
    Sunday December 10 - Tag der offenen Türen - Basis Lager - Zürich
    Thursday November 23 to Saturday December 23 - Zürcher Wiehnachstdorf am Bellevue - Zürich


    Come say hi and bring me a Glühwein if you're in the hood!!

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  • I am honored by this incredible article about me and my spoons. Thank you!!!

    Link to the article here.

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  • TLS in the Züritipp!

  • Cheese(y) story

    This is very funny story. The buyer of these cheese knives allowed me to share it with you: these are a present for her boyfriend for their first year anniversary. They met on Tinder and on their first date they ate cheese and a LOT of cheese because none of them could make a move, so they kept eating cheese pretending they were hungry, during 5 hours. So these cheese knives are a very symbolic present for them I wish them all the happiness in the world and many more cheesy evenings!


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  • Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter to all! I hope you all had a nice long weekend and lots of chocolate bunnies :)

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  • MY spoon!

    Sometimes there are some spoons that are so beautiful and rare that I just can't let them go and I keep them for myself. One of these is this one, I just did a little research about it by curiosity and found out that the pattern is called "Japanese" and that it is from 1879. Cool eh?! I use it for my morning cereal and love it :)

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  • Field trip in Lausanne: success!

    That's what I would call a successful visit in Lausanne for the last 3 days! I found about 1000 spoons (this is me going through each one of them in the back of a truck - spoon mafia!) and visited the three awesome stores that carry my spoons in the city: KéTaLa, mauvais garçon and Cuppin's.


    Mauvais garçon:


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  • A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to welcome Monbijourocks in my workshop in Zürich, a couple of sweet girls interviewing "people who are passionate about what they do" (aka me )
    For those who speak/understand French, here's a short video/interview about my and my work!

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  • Open doors at my atelier!

    This Sunday December 4th is a little walk through Christmas market at my workshop in Basis Lager. A lot of ateliers have their doors open: come over to discover the usually closed doors of lots of artists, from all kinds of designers (illustration, light, graphic, etc), to artisans and architects. There will be a bar, music and lots of goodies! Aaragauerstrasse 80, 8040 Altstetten, 11h-18h. Event and more details here.

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  • ...and I will have a little Christmas house there for 3 weeks, until December 15th. Come have a Glühwein and visit me!

    Sechsenlaütenplatz, Zürich, everyday 11h-22h (Sunday until 20h).

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  • My kind of christmas present!

    Magali Riom, from Geneva,  handmakes each little pouch with reclaimed fabrics to create a unique little gift pouch for your spoon, that can be reused afterwards :)

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  • La vie est belle

    I have a beautiful story to share today:
    This lady had been fighting a nasty cancer for the last couple of years, and a couple of weeks ago, she was diagnosed completely cancer-free! She ordered these spoons for all her friends who were taking turns to cook for her and her kids while she was ill, to thank them and remind them that life really is beautiful.


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  • This has been our "sunday fun" project with my boyfriend this year, summer is slowly over and sundays will start being long and cold again, we can get back in the atelier and make BEER BOTTLE CAP MAGNETS! They are now available online, either all ready in different themes:
    -old watch parts
    -dried flowers (sometimes sprinkled with some glitter)
    -old music partitions
    -glittery winter snow flakes
    -bird images from an old french Sotheby's auction book
    -old Mickey Mouse cartoon
    or personalized with maps.
    Get them here and here.


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  • Slow Motion Projects update

    Dear friends,
    The association Slow Motion Projects that I (and you!) support by donating 1CHF for each spoon sold has finished its project in Mongolia. They were there for 3 months and accomplished great things with the kids from Ulaanbaatar (Ulan- Bator, the capital), allowing children from poor families to build their future in a sustainable way, and learn how to preserve the nature of Mongolia.
    Here's a summary in pictures and some numbers of what they have done.
    They are now in China, working on some other amazing projects. If you want to read more and/or support them, visit their website:
    Way to go Lisa Bøunoure & Nicolas реяопу, I am so proud of you!!!


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  • Soup set as a wedding gift

    One "soup set" is on its way to Yverdon-les-Bain as a wedding gift!
    These Bülach jars are from 1915-1950 and were used to can vegetables before and during the war, to be able to store the harvest preferably for several years so it would not perish. Read more about it here :)

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  • Hello dear spoony friends,

    Tomorrow I am flying to Canada to visit my old friends from my time there (and find some spoons, who knows) (already and exactly 3 years that I moved to Zürich!), so all order placed between today and June 15th with be fulfilled when I return.
    In the meantime, check out this great video by Greenpeace "Story of the Spoon" that a friend shared with me today, with the summer and barbecue season coming up, it might give you (good) ideas... :) it is about spoons after all...!

    See you in two weeks!

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  • I am happy to happy to share some beautiful pictures that were taken by Christelle Naville Photographie, for a photo shooting organized by A Very Special Day - Life Events (merci Kristell!!!), of these two gorgeous brides - "Madame et Madame" :) If you need an event planner and/or a photographer, don't look further!

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  • So cool!!! The Berlin Magazine LUST AUF GUT Berlin // Republic of Culture made a double page about Bramigk & Breer, the only store in Berlin (Charlottenburg) that carries my spoons. That's a cool picture :D

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  • For the next two weeks (until April 30), The Loving Spoon is a guest at Süssigkleid, a lovely store for moms and kids - with a lot of second hand clothes and accessories!

    Mother's day is on May 8th, get a spoon for the occasion, while they last :)

    Süssigkleid - Wartstrasse 2, 8032 Zürich

    Kreis 7 - 2 minutes from Römerhof

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  • Dear friends,

    For the last year, I have been seriously thinking about donating a little part of each spoon sold to an organization or an association. It won't be huge, but if I add up 50 cents or 1CHF or so for each spoon that I sell online or at a market, it sure can make a small difference. Now, how to decide who to give this money to? a Swiss association? an international association? which cause to support? an environmental, an social, a cultural cause? where? I have often heard about big associations and organizations using the donated money to organize big parties, with unlimited champagne, have big expensive cars and the remaining money being very little from the amounts donated by people like you and me. Even if only half of it is true, I am not interested in participating in that.
    I can now say, Eurêka, I found one! My friends Lisa and Nico have created a Swiss-based non-profit organization called Slow Motion Projects whose goal is to allow underprivileged communities to Iive a better life in a socially and environmentally sustainable way. This year, they are working with local NGOs in Mongolia, China and India to create environmental education and outreach projects. They will help their local partners to reconnect kids from the Ulan Bator slums with the nature surrounding them; renovate an environmental museum and organise sustainability challenges in schools in the Yunnan province of China; and a lot more. Slow Motion Projects gives 100% of the donations they receive for developing the projects and travel to the project locations using only sustainable and local means of transportation (train, bicycle, bus and walking - no flying).
    It became obvious, that this non profit and non governmental association founded by my friends should receive this donation.
    So I am now proud to announce, that in 2016, from the price of each spoon or piece of cutlery you buy from The Loving Spoon, 1CHF will go towards helping to find these projects. They left on April 1st 2016, and I am not going to see them for a year :( unless I go visit them! But it's for a good cause :)
    Visit their website and their facebook page to follow the advancement of their projects!

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  • TLS in Femina Magazine

    I am away for a week and when I come back I find this in my letterbox! Nice return home, merci Femina

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  • TLS in the Schweizer Illustrierte!

    This week in the Schweizer Illustrierte, everything around the soup, and a loving spoon of course! That's a good start to the weekend :)

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  • Jackpot! Spoon hunt in Lausanne


    My spoon hunt in Lausanne this weekend was successful, I came back with a full suitecase. There's a few special and rare spoons in there, an English one, a "Vallorbe 1899-1949" one, a "Section de Tir" one, and a couple of ice cream spoons (very hard to find). And a beautiful view of the mountains behind the lac Léman as a bonus :)



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  • Some history!

    And today, some history!
    I found this brochure/guarantee paper with one of the sets I bought from the US. I wish it had a date on it, but I assume it it from around the 30-40's.
    If you have a moment to read it, it's funny, if not, the most interesting part is that "housewives who use their Tarnish-Proof chest and polish their silverware occasionally to restore the luster have no trouble with tarnish". Who would talk about "housewives" nowadays!
    Dishwashers became popular only in the 50's, after the war, and only to he wealthy. By the 1970s dishwashers had become commonplace in domestic residences in North America and Western Europe. Of course they didn't have to mention to not put your silverware in the dishwasher, like I tell everyone ;)
    The ad is from 1950 :)

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  • Christmas cake servers!

    Look at what I found!!!

    Christmas cake servers! Only two available, here and here, and as is, I cannot stamp it with a message since all the space is taken, hence the price of 50CHF.

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  • TLS in Wohnrevue Dec 2015!

    Picture from Fabian Häfeli

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  • On Aargauerstrasse, container 80, atelier 15 (first floor). Tram 4, stop Würzgraben. Come see where the magic happens, have a chat, some wine and a cookie! 11h-18h.

    There will be a bar, music and some entertainment!


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  • TLS in the Wienachtsdorf Post!

  • on the Sechselaütenplatz, from November 19 until November 30!

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  • TLS in Babybook magazine!

    Read the whole article here !


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  • Focus of the week: turning forks into hooks, for your keys, jewelry, kitchen towels, etc!
    Those will be available at my next event in Geneva, Les jours Vintage à Palexpo - Genève.

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  • It's time to announce my next and first event of the season which is Les jours Vintage à Palexpo - Genève, on Nov. 13-16!
    I have been preparing lots of goodies in the past few months and i am happy to finally share them with you.
    I have a few invitations to give away, if you'd like some, just email me at with your address and how many invites you want (make sure they will be used so they are not wasted)!

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  • The Loving Spoon is in the French Swiss newspaper Le Temps today, check out the new article and learn more about me and my spoons: here.

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  • Spoon hunting in Berlin

    Back from a few days in Berlin, always on the hunt for more silverware, as usual! These are Art nouveau (top) and Jugendstil (bottom) sets, typically German style! (I didn't buy them because they were crazy expensive as I sell a spoon for! but oh so pretty).

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  • First prototype of fork hook!

    My very first prototype is ready! My hands hurt from drilling all these holes in the forks... What do y'all think?

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  • Christmas spoons

    I know it's very early to think about Christmas, but i couldn't wait until then to share these awesome spoons from 1981 I just found! If you know someone born in 1981 (or a special event in 1981?) who would enjoy a little espresso spoon... Just planting the seed, you have time ;) only a few available though!


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  • Busy summer!

    Hello friends! Not much time to post on facebook these last few weeks as this summer is busy preparing you different kinds of "packages" for you, for when it's colder out there! I have been in Christmas mode for weeks now!
    Here is a little set in its original box I made for a boy turning 27 a few months ago :)

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  • fouta and The Loving Spoon paired up to create the perfect upcycled gift for a newborn or baby, a fouta baby bib with a baby spoon. 

    fouta towels are designed in Switzerland and made of high quality certified organic cotton in Tunisia. With the leftover fabric of the towels, the line "fouta Upcycling" was created, and amongst other products, baby bibs are produced in an atelier in Luzern.

    The baby bibs (28x30cm) are available in 5 colors, and the set comes with one baby bib, and one personalized baby or espresso spoon (respectively 72CHF and 66CHF).

    Link to the sets here and here.

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  • Knives were piling up in a box, I had to find something to do with them, to make them useful and give them a new life! So they became magnetic vases =) In the set is included a little metal base which you can nail to the wall, so you don't need a magnetic fridge, and you can put them anywhere. Available at Comepony (Lagerstrasse 34 in Zürich), or HERE!

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    This summer,  have been working hard preparing new products, mostly to have them for all my Christmas markets I am going to attend at the end of this year. The result is jewelry (bracelets and rings) made out of the handles of old spoons and cutlery! For now, those are only available at the store à ma fille in Rolle (close to Lausanne). They will not be available online for a while, send me an email at maya (at ) thelovingspoon (dot) net if you are interested =)

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  • This month of July, and together with the industrial designer Søren Henrichsen, The Loving Spoon is the guest designer in the store À Ma Fille in Rolle (Grand-Rue 33). Grab a spoon if you're in the hood!! They also sell beautiful ethical brands/clothes :)


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  • Another surprise in my letterbox today, The Loving Spoon featured in Swiss Wedding Magazine! What a great week before the holidays. Last day of spoon making peeps, then you have to wait until July 1st :)

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  • I have been working on making spoons for ArtBasel 2015 for the last several weeks! I got an invitation to go to the vernissage and found my spoons in the store Seven Sisters :)

    Some amazing art installations in the Unlimited Hall!

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  • Woop woop! Look at what I received this morning in my letter box!

    I told you the wedding season was full on ;)

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  • Last February, I was very lucky to have the Zürich photographer Fabian Häfeli in my atelier to make a little photoshoot of my spoons!

    Here's a few shots of the making of, and a couple of pictures of the final result!

    For press and high resolution pictures, please contact me at maya(at)thelovingspoon(dot)net.


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  • Elena, from Milkhoney Wedding wrote a nice article about The Loving Spoon!

    I hope we get the chance to work together soon!!!

    See the whole article here.


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  • Yearly visit in Athens

    My yearly visit to this big Ali Baba house in the center of Athens is always a success! I love getting lost in this place, which can be full of surprises. I even found a old souvenir shoe from Zürich (second picture).

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  • Mother's day J-5!

    Here's something for her, simple and special at the same time. A spoon handle key ring with the message "Best mom", in case you want to remind her gently :)  Available here:

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    Damaris, from spiceria shares her secrets and recipes for a healthy, fresh and fun cooking. Tasty and colorful spices are her secret. Check out her website for all her recipes, and her latest DIY swiss breakfast recipe, illustrated with a Cereal Killer spoon :)

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  • Tomorrow is Valentine's day! For the occasion, I will be selling my spoons at the BIG in the Hauptbahnhof in Zürich, today 12h-18h and tomorrow Saturday 11h-18h. Lots of love messages and some special ones in Swiss German (amongst others)!

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  • TLS in My Big Geneva blog!

    Thank you for the nice article, My Big Geneva!

    See article here.

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  • TLS in Coolbrandz

    Thank you for the awesome article Coolbranz, i makes me blush!!!

    Read the whole thing here.

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  • Video: how is cutlery made?

    You don't need to be as much into cutlery as I am to learn how it is made, check out this super interesting video!!! I had no idea how cutlery was made and how much work it needed...!

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  • Trip to Berlin

    Trip to Berlin last week, what I would call successful! Discovered a new antique market, focused on big old school ladles for those yummy winter soups (at least 3 months to go peeps...) and found some cool spoons and cake servers. It was too cold to dig into those boxes full of cutlery, they were frozen! I also paid a visit to my store in Charlottenburg, spoons still in the window :) If you like one of those spoons or ladles, just email me to reserve them before they are gone!

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  • They carry you everywhere!

    So that your other half/friend/mom/dad carries you everywhere with them!

    The first ones go back and forth between Zürich and Berlin, and the second one is in cold Montreal.

    You can personalize your own spoon key ring here.

    Lovely day to all, stay warm!


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  • Ideas for sisters:

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  • QUEEN vinyl clock

    SUPER cool QUEEN vinyl clock ! Only one available, size Ø30cm, 60CHF.

    Available here.

    Will arrive on time for Christmas if bought today and shipped to Switzerland.

    If you are in Zürich, you can also pick up at the Heiliger Bimbam market today and this weekend,

    or at Comepony.

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  • I was unpacking and cleaning up a big lot of silverware that I recently bought at an auction,

    and found THIS!

    It's a very very old spoon, pattern dating from 1892, called OWL.
    See what it's engraved with, and let your imagination run free...

    I am already making so many stories up :)

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  • This Thursday starts my last market of the year in Zürich:

    Heiliger Bimbam in the Maag Halle, until Sunday evening:

    I will have lots of spoons, of course, but also a few spoon handle bracelets

    and some new spoon key rings.

    See you there?!!



    Do – So 18. – 21. Dez. MAAG Hallen Zürich
    Do & Fr ab 17 Uhr.
    Sa & So ab 13 Uhr.

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  • TLS in What's the Wave? blog

    Thank you the blog What's the Wave? for the nice article, I am honored to the your Coup de coeur!

    See the whole article here, and follow What's the Wave? for great tips about what to do and see in Geneva and around!

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  • A good excuse for me to buy the Sonntagszeitung and practice my German!


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  • Nice little blog post on the blog La vie en plus simple, with the motto "less is more".

    See the whole blog post here.

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  • Only 10 days left until the Pop-Up Corner in Geneva! Like their page to discover the program:

    concerts and music, restaurant, food trucks, bars, workshops for kids and adults, shopping,

    all this during the weekend of November 28-29-30, in an ephemeral 700m2 space in the MAMCO.

    I am getting excited and have been making LOTS of spoons!

    You can already get your pass here:  a 15CHF entrance for all 3 days, and visit the event here.

    See you there?!

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  • I like you a lottle...

    A friend of mine if Greece is offering this one to her boyfriend:
    "I like you a lottle... It's like a little, except a lot"


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  • Yep. Object of desire.

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  • YAHOO! Anyone flying with Swiss this month? If so, make sure to check page 12 of the Swiss Magazine!!

    I had the pleasure of reading about me and my spoons in the plane on my way to Berlin this weekend,

    and funny thing, this month's travel place is Athens!

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  • The "Gonzo Görrlz" story

    I was going to edit it and make it shorter, but I don't think I can/want to, so here is Simone's story, as she sent it to me! Zürich people will recognize the setting :) :

    "We are 5 girls who went to school together. We kind of lost track during the years, our lives were going different ways, some went to see the world, some worked hard, some had children, got married, settled down... But we somehow got back together (facebook/friends/coincidence) 3 years ago and found out that we are still the same 5 girls. So we decided to go out and have fun and dance and eat and drink at least once a month. And because we always went to the same club, Gonzo on the Langstrasse, we called ourselves "Gonzo-Görrlz". I am so so happy to have my girls back and I wanted to make them a special gift for Christmas - what could be nicer than Lovingspoons! By stirring strong coffee with your lovely spoons, we will even share hard hangover mornings after the long Gonzo-Görrlz-Nights."

    Ps: I got special permission to post this story before Christmas :)

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  • It made so sad to watch all those worn spoons pile up in a box in my workshop, I decided I needed to make something out of them. Something rather useful if possible... So i bought the necessary equipment (not so easy to cut a spoon and put wholes in it!), had my boyfriend show me how to use all those machines (no, I had no idea how to use a drill until not too long ago!), and voilà!

    Nice key rings, the handle of the spoon is as is, and the top, which I flattened, can be personalized with your message.

    You can see and choose from all the designs I have available here, and also order your custom key ring. So your mom/dad/friend/boyfriend/girlfriend can carry you with them all day long :)

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  • Visit the cutest little store in the old town in Aarau, Kaufhaus zum Glück, and meet the nicest owner, Nicole!

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  • A day with The Loving Spoon


    My very talented friend Olivier (from Atelier 171) and I are both very busy bees, we started working on this video exactly one year ago and I am happy and proud to finally share it with everyone! You can get a little taste of what a day with The Loving Spoon looks like, the length of it is not very representative but we had to keep it short! It was entirely filmed in Zürich, Switzerland.
    You can share it with your friends and family and let me know what you think!

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  • ***LATEST NEWS*** I can finally share the latest project I have been working on with Magali Riom! Magali is a designer from Geneva, and she is now making the packaging for The Loving Spoon. I needed some gift wrapping that would fit easily in an envelope without bringing the cost of shipping up, like a box would. Each little pouch is handmade by her, using reclaimed fabrics and is unique. We also made a special logo for our collaboration. Each spoon can now be purchased on my website with or without a little pocket. They can also be reused afterwards, I use mine to put my make up in when I travel, or my little shower gel when I go to the fitness. You can visit Magali's website here.
    What do you think? 

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  • Hello dear friends,
    please excuse my silence the last few days,

    I was too busy strolling the flea markets in BERLIN! My paradise =)

    I brought back some nice treasures, and also visited the new (and only) store in Berlin

    (Bramigk & Breer in Charlottenburg) that carries my spoons.

    It was nice to find them in the window!


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  • J'ai 60 ans

    The lovely little story of my friend Damian's parents, to start the week and make you smile :)

    They met in 1972 at a French course in Lausanne. Last week they both celebrated their 60th birthday.

    LOVE those kinds of stories! 

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  • Big news this week my friends!

    I am happy to finally reveal you the latest project and collaboration i have been working on.

    I am starting to introduce and sell new projects and products on my website,

    following my motto of "re-purpose, re-value, re-love", the first products being clocks, agendas and

    notebooks of different sizes made out of old vinyls.

    I use them myself and this is how the idea came up.

    This morning in went and picked them (up), so they are now available for purchase and

    with more details here:

    These are made here in Zurich and i have different styles of music and colours.

    Clocks are in the making and will be available next week.

    Dont hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

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  • Spoon shopping

    Back from today's expedition in Bern and Basel's second hand stores,

    which I would call successful! 

    I am stocking up for the Christmas season that will be here faster than you think  ;)

    Now that's my kind of shopping.

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    Nice :)

    See the online article here

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  • Gift-packaging news

    Here's a little sneep peak of a project we have been working on with Magali Riom from Geneva during the last few weeks. She is going to make packaging/gift-wrapping for my spoons (those are the prototypes); each little pouch will be handmade by her, using upcycled fabrics, and can be reused for something else (for example to put your make up, or pens or something smaller in your purse?!). They will soon be available to get with each spoon on my website! I can't wait to see the finished product, we are also preparing a special collaboration logo!



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  • Aladdin vase

    So folks, what do we do with an old silver hotel saucer we don't have any more use for? And the nice little plants that grow between the tram tracks (ok not the big green one, only the little red ones!)?
    We make what I call an ALADDIN VASE. 
    It's for sale only if you live in Zürich and can pick it up, no shipping on this one!

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  • Wedding spoon - September 14, 1927

    Today's story is about my friend's Ellie's mom, a sweet French ladymarried to a lovely Greek man.

    I visited them this summer in Athens, and she showed the silver spoon that her Grandmother received for her wedding on September 14, 1927.
    It was accompanied by the wedding dinner menu (a 16 course dinner!), and on the bottom and back of the spoon handle is engraved the number 14, for the date of the wedding.
    Now those are my kind of stories! If you have some too, don't hesitate to share them with me!

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    ***NEWS OF THE DAY***


    A few weeks ago, a found this big set of old cutlery from the American airline UNITED AIRLINES. I won it at an auction happening in Seattle WA.
    They were pretty nasty, very dirty and heavily tarnished, but by now I know how to take care of that (it took me couple of days to clean them up though!).
    I have had a couple people asking me what they could get their friends who were leaving work, or going traveling.
    This is my answer :)
    They can be personalized, and I have a few pieces from other airlines (Western Airlines, created in 1925 and Northwest Airlines created in 1926 and closed in 2010, Pan American airlines, created in 1926 and closed in 1991).
    I only have 3 sets of spoon-fork-knife, and a few more spoon-knife sets. You can get them directly here:

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  • The lovely store Wohnreich in Rapperswil has been carrying The Loving Spoon for the last week.

    In case you're on the other side of the lake and don't have time to come to Zürich! 

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  • The cutest baby set

    Hallo everyone, The Loving Spoon is back in Zürich and working on those

    orders you placed while I was away.

    They will be fulfilled by next Monday the latest!

    Here is the cutest little baby set I made before my holidays,

    if it had a cheek I would pinch it!!!

    A few more baby sets and spoons available here:

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  • Treasures from Athens

    As every year, a visit to my favorite place in Athens is imposed,

    this old house full of treasures waiting to be rediscovered.

    I have definitely found some to share with you, some beautiful pieces of silver

    spoons and butter knives!

    Back to the atelier as of today!

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  • Baby face spoon


    I found and customized this baby spoon a few weeks ago.
    I think it's awesome. On the creepy side.

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  • Le Porte Vaganti. An Italian travel blog I discovered a few months ago:

    they will make your mind travel the world through some beautifully written stories.

    They might also make you think of what's for dinner :)

     Hear what they have to ay about The Loving Spoon:

    In Italian and so poetical!

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  • ...on her blog, since the wedding season is full on!

    Visit her blog post here:

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  • The Loving Spoon had the honor of being featured in the online version of the Belgian magazine L'Eventail last week. Thanks for the nice words. l'Eventail!!!

    The whole article can be read here.

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  • COOL spoon!

    When spoons used to be cool...!

    This one is on its way to Italy for a new baby!

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  • I had a few people ask about those garden markers, and I just uploaded them on my website so you can get them directly. Set of 6 garden markers on flattened spoons, you pick your herb/plant name and I make them specially for you =)
    Find them here

    Happy day!

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  • Here's a nice little story for the weekend: this set of spoons in its original box comes from Harrod's,
    the big department store from London. It was found in New York state a few months ago.
    It was bought at Harrod's as a wedding gift, as says the letter accompanying the set, and dating from 1944. 
    Have a look at the letter... I love those kinds of stories!!!
    Too bad one spoon in missing, but I have lots of spoons to replace it :)
    It will be up on the website for purchase next week!
    Happy weekend to all <3

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  • A few weeks ago, I found those weird silver-plated spatulas at a Brockenhaus in Zürich.

    I bought them without knowing what I was going to make with them, and I thought that

    they would fit nicely on the brunch table. They have a shape in between and spoon and a knife,

    so i say they can be used as a jam spoon and a butter knife!

    I only have 3 sets, so hurry if you like it =)

    Only one has this message on it, the 2 other ones can be customized.

    Find them here!

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  • Lovies mami

    This morning I received a picture from a customer who had this spoon made

    for his mom a few weeks ago. He said she was delighted and asked him to

    send me this picture. It makes me so happy to make people happy  <3 :)

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  • Wedding season: cake servers

    The Loving Spoon is back to work! 
    It's wedding season and the cake servers have been quite popular, I uploaded a lot of new ones  for you to choose from, check them out here!
    They go quick and are quite limited, but there's lots of other special items to choose from  :)
    Happy day to all!

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  • Baby set

    Cute baby set! Those are hard to find, but I have a few more available here:

    Last 24hours for the contest, and a chance to win a personalized cake server or spoon:

    Sunny day to everyone! 


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  • In case you are looking for a special and personalized gift, check out Ariane's website Blingthing!

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  • Für immer WIR

    Those spoons are for 4 best friends that have known each other for 12 years, since school. They are all separated due to their jobs or school, but those spoons remind them that they are all out there thinking about each other, and that they are somehow always close despite the distance! The 4 letters at the bottom are for Caro, Eli, Nicole and Anne. 
    Thanks for sharing the story, Nicole!!

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  • Yep. I think I have enough spoons for the weekend. I counted 352 there.

    Kreislauf 4&5 in Zürich starts today at 17h: I'll be in the BIG Viadukt with my spoons:

    Friday May 23 - 17h-21h

    Saturday + Sunday May 24-25 - 11h-18h

    The Big Bazar on Bahnhofstrasse will be restocked in a little bit.

    Happy Kreislauf !

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  • Dear friends,

    I am happy and proud to finally show you an extension of my "line", with a different use of silver cutlery.
    They are the same old silver plated spoons but turned into bracelets!
    I only have a few pieces for now (about 20 pieces), and will be showing and selling them at my stand in the BIG store in Viadukt, during the Kreislauf 4&5 this weekend in Zürich (Friday 16h-21h, Saturday 11h-18 and Sunday 11h-18h), 
    along with the usual customized spoons, of course!
    They will be available for purchase on my website after the Kreislauf .

    Each bracelet has the name and the year that the pattern was first produced; the ones I have so far range from 1937 to 1961, and each one comes with a fresh water pearl (see pictures).

    Come have a look this weekend 


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  • Jackpot... the flea market!

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  • Baby spoons and forks!!!

    I have looots of he cutest baby sets waiting to be uploaded for you!

    I still have to clean them and take pictures of them but they will be available soon!

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  • It's on this Saturday!
    The weather is supposed to be nice, come wander on the Limmat by the Dynamo, where a little market with local young designers is taking place, with activities like screen printing, music, etc!
    This Saturday May 10, 14h-22h.
    I'll be there 


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  • Spoon at BIG BAZAR

    At the BIG BAZAR on Bahnhofstrasse.

    On the second floor, only until Mother's day weekend!

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  • Sugar tongs

    Nice little gift to use when you have friends and family over for coffee 
    I found a couple more sugar tongs at Baden's flea market last Saturday that I will list this week, along with a surprise spoon for Mother's day (I forgot my camera at the atelier last night!).
    If you have a mom who likes to drink espresso, stay tuned, you might be interested (and only one available!)

    In the meantime, check out this cute little spoon with a gardening boy on it... might give you ideas!

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  • It's tonight! Come for a drink, from 19h on =)

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  • Hotel spoons

    I love coming accross old hotel spoons while cleaning them -

    I like the cleaning part less, but i get nice surprises!

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    Yesterday was BEST. MAIL. DAY. EVER.
    Look at what I found when I opened the letter box!
    LE MENU's May issue, sent especially for me, with almost a whole page about The Loving Spoon!
    Nice. Thank you LE MENU. The magazine is out next week.

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    Good morning angels!
    I was going through my pictures this morning and found this one of those 2 cute espresso spoons I made a couple of months ago, and thought it was very appropriate for this beautiful day!
    I am back at the atelier, fulfilling your orders and getting ready for this Friday's Bastei Bazar at the Bar zur Photobastei in the Photobastei, Bärengasse 29 Zürich, starting at 19h.
    See you there?!?


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  • Baby piggy spoon!

    Remember the little pig spoon I posted about last week?

    I found it during my trip in Berlin a couple of weeks ago, and it went to a lovely French girl in Vancouver, for her godson who is turning one this summer.

    Cute eh?!

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  • Good sunny day!
    Those little spoon garden markers are on their way to Tania Grandit's restaurant, to be sold in the Restaurant Stucki's boutique in Basel.

    With a lot of other spoons and for Mother's day!

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  • Join me and a bunch of other local artists showing their creations, at the Photobastei in Zürich, you know this aswesome 7 floor building that hosts photo exhibitions - Bärengasse 29, 8001 Zürich.

    It's taking place in the ground floor bar, there will be food, drinks and djs.

    Let the market season begin!




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  • I am flattered to be this lovely blogger "coup de coeur"!

    Thanks, Claire-Marie, and you can see the whole post with the pictures here.

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  • The Loving Spoon on!


    See blog post here:πρωτότυπα-δώρα-για-μια-ζωή/

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  • My favorite findings in Berlin!
    I found some really nice cake servers which I will clean up and upload online soon (you will find them here:

    and the photos come from a Berliner artist, lots of beautiful pictures from the German capital. I fell in love!

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  • Treasure hunt in Berlin

    Oh la la, don't let me alone in Berlin's antique stores and flea markets, I might forget to go home! I am back in Zürich with some new treasures, which I will upload on the website soon.
    The only reason I had to leave the markets was because I spent all the money I had... !
    I have some pictures of my weekend to share with you :)

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  • Latest addition to the stamp collection!

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  • New restock (and display) at Walter vintage on Geroldstrasse in Zurich! Too bad the big piece of furniture the spoons are on is sold... 

    Just FYI, I will be away March 22-31 so if you need a spoon this week, i can make it until this Friday, otherwise in April !

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  • Ils se sont dit oui!

    Good and beautiful morning!
    Last Saturday a couple in France said yes to each other,
    I was told the newlyweds cut the cake for all the guests with it!

    I found this beautiful cake server at the flea market here in Zürich, in Burkliplatz last summer. 
    Can't wait for the market to start again!

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  • A spoon full of sugar...

    Everyone knows the "a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down" from Mary Poppins, right??
    Refresh your memory here:
    This is the German and shortened version on a Loving Spoon!

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  • Big Bazar opening day!

    Couldn't wait to share this with you!

    Open to public on Thursday March 6 as of 9am, come say hi!!!

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  • International Kisses

    To show you how international we are, in Zürich!

    This week, I will be attending the opening week of BIG Bazar Zürich, on Bahnhofstrasse (in the ex Ex-Libris), selling my spoons on the first floor. This means I won’t be in my workshop making spoons from Wednesday March 5 until Monday March 10. 
    Please come say hi if you are in the ‘hood!!
    Thursday March 6, 9h-20h  
    Friday March 7, 9h-20h
    Saturday March 8, 9h-18h

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  • Wedding fork sets


    Fiou! After spending hours cleaning those forks yesterday, i managed to pair 156 forks, for those friends of yours getting married this summer and whom you need a nice present for...!!! 

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  • Ok, Zürich friends, here is the event I mentioned last week: BIG Zurich is organizing a "Big Bazar Zürich", a pop up department store for 5 months on Bahnhofstrasse in the ex-libris that just closed (by Globus) - I was invited to sell my spoons there for the first 3 days, March 6-7-8. 
    Apart from the big brands, there will also be selected small local clothes, jewelry etc designers.
    So come say hi, I hope to have finished about 300 spoons by then! Busy 2 weeks coming up in The Loving Spoon's workshop! 
    More info here:

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  • πιο πολυ

    Remember the cat spoon with "Love you more"? (check out this post if you don't!).

    This is the same game - Guess how much I love you/μάντεψε πόσο σ' αγαπώ, but in Greek =)

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  • Valentine Tips in Mode in Italy blog

    Blog post here!

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  • The weekly supplement of NZZ am Sonntag, the Zurich Sunday newspaper, special Valentine's day issue. 

    Thank you!!!

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  • Cat spoon

    Remember the cat spoon I mentioned yesterday? Well, I am happy to announce it went to a sweet little girl in Vancouver for her 12th birthday which is next week, on Valentine's day. 
    The words are from a game called "Love you more" that the little girl Isobel and her mom play based on the book "Guess how much I love you". The Mother hare and baby hare are trying to find ways to show they love the other one more.
    I know it's just a spoon, but what a spoon! It has a whole story on it, and so many details; a cat and kittens playing, two beautiful birds (I can hear them sing), even a little mouse. 
    Ok, maybe I'm a spoon freak. I can live with that.

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  • Hotel Lenox

    So happy to own one butter knife from the hotel Lenox in Buffalo, NY!

    Imagine how many people held it in the last 100+ years...

    Originally built 1896 as an apartment building, the Lenox was converted into a hotel in 1900,

    probably to take advantage of the Pan-American Exposition crowds.

    The Lenox survives today as one of the longest continuously run hotels in Buffalo.

    By the way, a lot of new Special items are up on the website, like this "cat teaspoon" for example,
    as well as lots of new cake servers and serving sets!


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  • Want to spoon?

    This grey morning would be great to stay in bed and spoon with your lover,

    but you can also spoon with a nice cup of coffee and a... spoon!

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  • Would you please...

    My funniest order of the week, on a little cheese knife.

    For those who don't know this expression:

    Happy Friday!!!!

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  • Back to the past

    ...with those cool spoons from different airlines and railways:

    United, Swissair, Canadian National Railway and

    Canadian Pacific, probably dating form the 20's-30's

    for the railway spoon!

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  • She sings a simple song...

    On its way to Edmonton, Canada, this cake server

    with a song from The Civil Wars - I've got a friend,

    that the married-to-be-couple loves!

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  • La vie est dûre sans confiture

    Happy week everyone!
    Is your life also hard without jam?!
    These are not easy to find, but I have a few jam spoons available, you can find them on the "Favorites" page of the website. 

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  • Belle journée maman

    I think every mom would like to receive one of those for her morning tea/coffee :)

     Beautiful day to all the moms out there!

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  • I wish you all the best for 2014!

    ...and always with a spoon... or two!

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  • Merry christmas to meeee!

    Merry Christmas to meeee!!! Look at what I picked up yesterday!
    After a very busy xmas season, my stock of spoons was getting dangerously low.

    I've been looking and buying for the last few months, and this is what about 400 spoons look like!


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  • Back to Zürich, back to work!

    Let the restock begin!

    Those 2 spoons went to a lovely young girl I met at one of my first markets

    in Switzerland in Vufflens-le-Château, for her parents.

    The mom is the best cook the dad is the best taster.
    Love it!

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     Good morning world! If you are in Zurich this week, check out Barbara Wick's beautiful store, where you can find my spoons in the window (and inside). And if not for the spoons, for a walk in beautiful Niederdorf by night, with a nice gluhwein... My favorite neighbourhood this time of year!


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  • Before-After spoon

    Saved from tarnish and...forgetfulness!!


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  • In La wishlist de dicembre of Le due Coccinelle blog.
    Grazie mille per aver pensato a The Loving Spoon!

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  • ceci n'est pas une pipe

    Ceci n'est pas une pipe... in reference to Magritte's painting "La trahison des images".

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  • Back in Zurich!

    Good morning everyone! Happy to be back in Zurich, and ready to catch up on all my orders! You can now place your order online and I will work on them right away.

    To stay with the Swiss theme, here's a silver espresso Swissair spoon, that I found at the Athens flea market last summer. A lovely lady who retired this year ordered it in memory of her years working and traveling for DEC.

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  • The markets in Canada are over, tomorrow I will pack for the 8th time

    in 3 weeks to make my way back to beautiful Zurich!

    Thanks to all my customers that supported me at the craft fairs,

    and thanks to all my friends in Canada for the awesome time!!! It was good to see all of you!

    It's the evening in Europe, almost time for a hot chocolate? to be enjoyed with a sweet message...

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  • 2 days until Make it Vancouver!

    2 days left until Make it Vancouver!

    I am finally back in my beloved city, come say hi at the PNE this Thursday to Sunday!

    And for the early birds, here is a link to get super discount tickets!

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  • Awesome make it in Edmonton!

    Make it! Edmonton was awesome!
    1)cold and snowing
    2) my job is to sell spoons but I don't have any at the hotel so I have to eat my cereal with a fork
    3) the market was great, come visit me in Vancouver if you missed the Edmonton one!

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  • First day of Make it! Edmonton

    It's -26° in Edmonton, but we're excited and getting ready with Meagan from 

    Inspyred Creations for the first day ofMake It! The Handmade Revolution!

    It starts today, 10a-9pm, until Sunday night 5pm.

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  • Come visit if you're around! More info on Make it! website.

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  • Let your imagination travel...

    I need to share my excitement with you, when I find spoons that belonged

    to some institution, airline, hotel etc. 

    Can you imagine all the history and life behind those spoons from

    Canadian Pacific airlines, Southern Pacific, Parkway Inn, Kantonspital Zurich,

    Medical Dpt USA??

    It sure was long ago when you ate your food with a silver spoon on an airplane...!

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  • NEW: Exploring silver trays!

    This beautiful little oval tray goes to a freshly graduated medical doctor in Geneva (yesterday!), as a present from her sister.
    She didn't choose it to serve food in it, but as a tray to put her personal belongings, jewelry, keys etc.

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  • My mom is my little elf

    My mom is visiting me from Greece, and helps me keep up with the

    pre-Christmas store restocking. Thanks mama mou!!

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  • Get them while they last! :D

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    IKôNIC pre-opening event , Wednesday October 16 2013, starting at 17h.

    Only a few pieces available!

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  • Christmas markets update


    **Christmas News***

    I will traveling to Canada to attend markets and hunt for spoons.

    If you want to be ready for your Christmas presents early, place your order before Nov 11.

    Otherwise, I'll be back in Zurich to spoon it up on December 5th.

    Happy spooning!

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  • Hakuna Matata!

    Hakuna Matata everyone, to start the week right!

    A great week to all ♥ ♥ 


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  • Geneva Flea market

    Luckily the rain had't come yet and i had some time to stroll the huge flea market in Geneva!

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  • Exploring new silver products

    For a new baby in Greece, Welcome to the world Giorgos.

    Set to be a coffee drinker!

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  • One of my favorite places in Athens: 3 floors of old junk looking for a new home. I can spend hours digging through the piles of stuff, but it's like an enormous jenga: don't remove the wrong piece or the whole pile can fall on you! 
    I found some interesting pieces, more info coming soon!

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  • The Loving Spoon in Basel

    In the window in Basel, too!
    You can now find loving spoons at Handmade/Sevensisters in the old town.


    Nadelberg 47

    4051 Basel

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  • Gay Adventure

    What were they thinking haha!!!

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  • Still in the window!

    new display at Barbara Wick, still in the window! 

    This photo was taken from inside the store.

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  • Happy Friday!

    Good morning and happy Friday!
    Does anyone know what kind of spoon this is?

    I've been doing some research but can't find anything on it.

    Link in the comments on Facebook :)

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  • New packaging!

    I have been making those little pockets out of leftover pieces of fabric from Comepony. 
    Nice to hide the spoon in when gifting, and can be reused to... carry your pen in your purse/bag??
    Will be available online soon for 3CHF, and in a couple of stores carrying The Loving Spoon :D 

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  • Happy to be a piece of Jen Ramo's life!!!

    See full post here.

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  • I am so honoured to have whole window to display my spoons!

    In the heart of the old town in Niederdorf, Zurich, at Barbara Wick's store.


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  • New store in Luzern!

    I love Luzern. Even better for me, i "had" to go today to bring some spoons

    to a new store in the city, very close to the Banhof. 

    I can't say enough how much I love my job.

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  • Lucky day in Basel! 
    My spoon hunt was successful, AND I even have a new potential store!!
    More details to follow!

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    First press in Switzerland, merci Edelweiss Magazine!!
    For those who don't know me or my "story", this is a pretty good summary.
    Full post here:édaction/des-couverts-pas-comme-les-autres


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  • If you would like a personalized jelly spoon, get in touch with me as they are pretty rare and

    I don't have them listed on the website.


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  • Friends! 

    Christmas may seem very far away for most of you, but I am already getting ready and making stock for the two markets I will be attending in November-December in...Canada! That's right, I'm coming back for a few weeks, and I will be at Edmonton's and Vancouver's winter edition of Make it! craft fair.

    More information will follow, but if you want to make sure you don't miss it, you can join the mailing list on my website: - don't worry, I hardly ever send anything, only if it's really important :):) 


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  • This week's wedding spoons

    Those were shipped yesterday to Fribourg, Switzerland from a friend of the couple, living in Georgia!

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    Babu's Bakery & Coffeehouse has been carrying The Loving Spoon for a few weeks now, 

    but I got to redo the display last week. A whole table just for the spoons! 

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  • ***New stamps***

     ***New stamps*** The Swiss post seems to like giving me trouble 

    but i finally received my new stamps! Here is a preview of all of them, 

    if you would like one of them on your spoon, just specify it when you order.

     Aren't they pure cuteness?!?

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  •  t

    Great market again at the Rimini last night, I'll be back next Monday!!

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  • Little Baptism set


    Can you see how those ones align? Each first, second and third line matches the next one. 
    Little Justine was baptized last June in Zurich.

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  • Did I mention you can now find The Loving Spoon at Barbara Wick in Niederdorf, Zurich? 

    In the middle of the old town, wander through a whole house from the 16th century filled with interior decor little gems. 

    Yes! my spoons are in the window!

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  • Spoon hunt in Athens


    This week I visited Athen's flea market and antique stores and found myself quite lucky in my spoon hunt.

    I was digging into piles of dirty old cutlery, and all the sellers were wondering what I needed so many spoons for.

    Now that's my kind of shopping!

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  • Happy birthday to my mom!!


    Being back in Europe means I can be around for family birthdays and events! 
    It was my mom's birthday a couple of days ago and I was able to come down to Greece from Switzerland. 
    I made her a nice serving spoon and fork, and since my mom is the best cook ever, she deserved a spoon with the title 
    **The best cook***Happy birthday** Rafina is the town where she lives, next to Athens.

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  • Rubber letter stamps


    Last Christmas when I visited my boyfriend's family in Indiana, I spent a lot of time browsing in antique stores, and found this set of rubber letters stamps... I wasn't sure what I was going to use them for, but today I did!! I stamped this piece of wood from a wine box, for my display at Comepony in Zurich. The set is probably 40-50 years old and there are letters missing (the i is actually a !, and the D is a G and ! combined).

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  • Monday working


    It's been a long weekend traveling around the French part of Switzerland (in train) and being at markets (photos to follow!). 

    There's no time to be lazy today, BUT... look at where I get to work from! Today I've been busy making stock 

    for a coffee shop and a baby store in Zurich.

    Yes, I love my job.

    Ps: Tonight, I'll be at the Rimini in Zurich, for Montagmarkt 7.30pm-12am.
    Ps: Look at our beautiful salads in the background :)

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  • The Loving Spoon has a new home for its spoons in Zurich as of Thursday, June 13th.

    You are invited at the vernissage as of 6pm at comepony, Lagerstrasse 2, Zürich.

    Come share a drink with us!

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    If you are in Switzerland, I'll be traveling around with my spoons!

    Here is where I will be in the coming few months (list will be updated if new markets arise):

    -this Saturday June 15 - Vufflens-le-Château 10h-19h
    -this Sunday June 16 - Montreux, Quai de la Rouvenaz 10h-18h
    -Monday June 17 - Zurich at the Rimini bar 19h30-00h
    (then break to go visit my family in Greece and go to my friend's wedding!!)
    -Thursday July 4th - Nocturne's d'Ouchy, Lausanne 17h-22h
    -Saturday July 6th - Marché d'été Chatel-St-Denis 9h-16h
    -Thursday July 11th - Nocturne's d'Ouchy, Lausanne 17h-22h
    -Saturday July 27th - Marché des Paccots Chatel-St-Denis 9h-16h
    -Saturday August 3rd - Handwerksmarkt Luzern 7h-16h

    Check back for updates!

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  • New stock of Loving Spoons shipping today to Paper Ya on Granville Island

    They should arrive there next week, be sure to check out this amazing little store 

    on Granville Island (and also say hi to my friend Louise who works there!)

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    A few months ago, I was contacted by Amy from All & Sundry, a wedding planner in Vancouver, asking me to provide a pair of wedding forks and a cake server for a wedding photo shoot they were planning. I happily agreed, and for the best, as the photo shoot was published on Ruffled, one of the more well-curated and inspirational wedding blogs out there!

    You can see the whole photo shoot here

    Photos by Mikaela Ruth Photography

    What a great experience, thanks again Amy!!!

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  • Let them eat cake


    Isn't this quote perfect for a cake server?! 
    It is said that Marie-Antoinette said it during one of the famines during her husband's reign, Louis XVI. When she was informed that the people did not have bread to eat, she uttered "Let them eat cake" or "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche". 
    Brioche has eggs and butter, and this showed Marie-Antoinette's obliviousness for the poor. 
    However, there is no record that this sentence was ever uttered by her, but it makes a nice story!

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    ...I'll be at this Saturday's Flohmi at Gerolds Garten! 12pm-5pm, hopefully the sun is with us this time!

    I will also be at the Rimini next Monday 7.30pm to 12am!

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    I will be showing and selling my spoons at the Montagsmarkt at the RIMINI this coming Monday, June 3rd and Monday June 17th,

    7.30pm to 11pm (yes, it's in Zurich!)

    Stay tuned for more dates to come in the French part of Switzerland.

    And most of all, let's pray for the gods of the sun to be with us!! 

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    I have been in Zurich for 10 days and I have to say things are moving fast!

    I am attending my first market this Sunday, May 26th at Frau Gerolds Garten 12pm-6pm.

    Even if you can't attend, check out their website, it's such an amazing place!

    A big outdoor space with restaurants bars, stores, vegetable gardens (served in their restaurants and sold at their markets).

    I can't wait for it and for many more this summer!

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