October 03, 2019


By Maya Chelmis

I haven't been writing or updating the blog so much (if you don't want to miss any news make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook) but this is something that needed to be shared: the TO GO cutlery (aka say-no-to-plastic cutlery).

This is something I have been thinking about for a while. I must admit, it hurts me to see all the one use plastic products we use daily. I watch the people around me taking all these to go lunches in plastic recipients, eat them with plastic cutlery, then buy a bottle of water that contains so little water in it. Be invited to a barbecue and have to use a plastic plate and cutlery and put it in the trash 10 minutes later. With a tiny bit of organization, we could avoid most of that trash.
We could carry a coffee cup with us, if we know we take a daily coffee to go. Some restaurants offer a little discount if we bring our own container for the to go lunch (ok the discount doesn't really matter, we can do it only because it's better to ;), we could carry some cutlery with us, they don't take much room in a bag that most of us carry anyway. Oh wait, my job is to sell cutlery!!! So this is where I can do my active part and not only blabla! I created a little set with a "to go" spoon and fork. I tested it myself for a few weeks before sharing it with you and I must say I use it all the time. Whenever someone offers me a plastic spoon or fork, I say NO THANKS! and I wave my "to go"cutlery at them! The spoon and fork have a hole at the handle so that they can be attached together to a ring and come in a little pouch for your to carry them in your bag.

I made two versions on this set, one personalized (with words on the spoon and the fork) and another "word-free" version so that I could offer at a better-priced option. You can find the "to go cutlery" under this page.