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TO GO spoon & fork set

70.00 CHF
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* One needs a spoon more often than one would think (apparently!) *
Many times I have wished I had a spoon in my bag, either cause I don’t want to use plastic cutlery or because I have my lunch from home and simply forgot to pack a spoon (or a fork)  (either I’m in the city, traveling or going hiking/camping). A few months ago I made a birthday spoon for a friend and he told me he now uses it every morning to eat his Birchermüesli in the train to work, instead if taking the plastic ones (every day a plastic spoon - thats a lot of spoons per month/year/life). Great! So i came up with the idea of having one spoon and fork set, and this set is the traveling one that comes with you everywhere you go. It has a hole in the handle so that  you can attach them together, or attach them to your keys!? In any case, no more excuses for using plastic, one use, disposable cutlery. If you’re invited to a party, you have a fork to eat the cake with, if you feel like an ice cream from Gelateria di Berna or Tellhof Gelati, also -  say no to the plastic spoon! And think ahead, tell them you don't want the spoon while ordering because they automatically put a plastic spoon with the ice cream ;)
You can get your set with customization (like the rest f the spoons you can order from me) and I also made a version without words (no customization) so that I could keep the price lower, to encourage as many people as possible to get one and reduce our plastic cutlery use
The set comes with a pouch from Magali Riom (made out of upcycled fabric) to store your cutlery in.