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Zürich based artist Maya Chelmis has always loved making things, from making her own jewelry out of dried melon and watermelon seeds, to crafting her own schoolbags. She also has a deep passion for vintage items, so creating The Loving Spoon provided an ideal project. She strolls through antique stores and flea markets around the world, collecting all the antique silver-plated spoons and other cutlery she can find. She then takes her findings to her atelier in Altstetten, Zürich where she restores and cleans the reclaimed treasures individually and hand-stamps each letter of the message that you choose.

These upcycled pieces with personalized sweet nothings, from "Good morning Sunshine" to your favorite short poem or quote, make lovely gifts for newlyweds, new babies, moms, or for whomever you would like to show your love.

Maya will create your unique and personalized piece of silver-plated cutlery using Latin or Greek alphabets, and ship it wherever your loved ones are. 

Maya believes strongly that choosing a gift or buying a personal keepsake doesn’t have to produce waste. Customizing antique silver-plated cutlery provides a uniquely beautiful way to give new life and purpose to all those old and tarnished spoons and forks people have been quietly storing in their attics for decades.

All of the items you buy from The Loving Spoon are antique, silver plated and pre-loved. They are pieces of art, long ago forgotten and wanting to be loved again.

Maya loves to connect.

Reach her anytime by email at maya (at) thelovingspoon (dot) net