Do I get to pick my piece of cutlery ?

In general, I will select the very best spoon/fork/butter knife for you, according to the designs I have available. Most antique spoons have floral designs, but I also collect some with simpler, cleaner designs. If you have a preference (ie. if the spoon is for a man or if you would like a plainer design), simply note the details in the message box upon ordering and I will take it into consideration. On the special items page, I have photographed and listed lots of pieces of cutlery (and more), which you can choose individually (the piece you see on the picture is the piece you will receive).

What is the approximate size of the various pieces of cutlery ?

  • espresso spoon : 11-12 cm long
  • tea spoon: 13-15 cm long
  • soup spoon :18-20 cm long
  • serving spoon : 21-23 cm long
  • cake fork : 15-17 cm long
  • dinner fork : 18-20 cm long
  • butter knife : 15-17 cm long

The special items vary in size.

How long will it take for my order to be ready ?

This depends on the size of your order. Once your order is placed, I typically need about 4 - 5 working days to design and ship your piece (this will take a bit longer for large, bulk orders). Delivery times are approximately (from Switzerland):

  • 1-2 business days for Switzerland
  • 3-5 business days for Europe
  • 3-7 business days for US + Canada (can be more if stopped by customs)
  • 6-8 days for International (can be more if stopped by customs)

Urgent/same day orders are possible, just email me to make sure I am at my workshop that day and can quickly fulfill your order.



Payment methods: with TWINT, Paypal or by bank transfer. For payment by bank transfer, please contact me and I will be happy to send you my Iban number and details.

    Where do the spoons, cutlery and silverware come from ?

    The Loving Spoon silverware come from all over the world but mainly from Switzerland and Germany.  A lot of it is also sourced in the US and other countries when I travel.

    I discover the items in antique stores, at flea markets, at auctions and more. Some of the sets even find me in their own mysterious ways. These, often forgotten, vintage treasures have dates of origin anywhere from the late 1800s to the 1970s. They each have their own special stories to tell.

    Can I use/eat with my piece of cutlery/silver?

    Of course! That's the beauty and the purpose of it. It's a beautiful personalized gift and functional at the same time. I recommend that you HAND WASH it. Also, your piece of silver cutlery might tarnish with time; if this is the case, just rub it with some special silver product, or if you don't have any handy, baking soda or cleaning stone (this works miracles!) will do the job. Just mix the baking soda with a few drops of water or use a damp piece of cloth with some cleaning stone, and rub your piece of cutlery with it.

    Can you customize a piece of cutlery that I already own?

    Definitely! Just email me to discuss your idea and for an estimate, or order directly on the custom orders page.

    Where else can I buy items from The Loving Spoon?

    If you are not an online buyer or would like the to see the spoons for yourself, not a problem! Check this list to see in which stores you can purchase a Loving Spoon.

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