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  • I made it to Zurich!



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  • Flavie moved in her new apartment in Vancouver a few weeks ago and is enjoying her Good morning Sunshine spoon, as well as her new hand painted chair by my friend Louise from The Printed Peanut.

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  • apple and pear


    An Australian girl living in Vancouver sends teaspoons to all her friends back in Australia, 

    so that they think of her every time they have tea!

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    One more sleep until Make It! The Handmade Revolution, starting this Friday at 4pm at the Croatian Cultural Center.

    If you don't know what to get your mom for Mother's day, I have plenty of spoons for her!

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    Ohlala, look at what was in the mail last Friday! 

    Several hundreds of silver spoons and forks and serving pieces, all ready 

    to be cleaned up, customized and re-loved!

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  • Le beurre c'est le bonheur!


    my French friends Florence and Matthieu had their family visit in Vancouver from France, 

    and they got this little butter knife for Matthieu's dad. He loves butter :) 

    It reads "Butter is happiness"

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    The "I do - I do too" forks were chosen as props for a pilot called Blink, filmed yesterday in Vancouver. 

    I have no idea what they will use them for yet but hopefully will find out soon!!
    The show Blink is currently filming in Vancouver.

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    Come say hi at this amazing craft fair, I'll be there as a vendor! 

    Last craft fair before moving back to Europe, 

    make sure you come grab that spoon for your loved one(s)! =)

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  • Room 6 Deep Cove fully stocked!

    Room6 Deep Cove has lots of love, baby, mom, wedding and love spoons and forks! 

    What a beautiful little town, I had never been and was amazed by the beauty!

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  • Bees 'n Teas

    A tea shop called Bees 'n Teas is in the making on Salt Spring Island. 

    This was requested from the daughter of the future owner, as a present for her mom!

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  • Sugar spoon

    New Greek sugar spoon for a little Alexandros being baptized next week. For more sugar spoons check out the specialty items:

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  • Is it a boy or a girl?!

    Is it a boy or a girl?

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  • Miss New Westminster 2012

    A couple a weeks ago was held the 2013 Miss New Westminster Ambassador Pageant in New Westminster. I was asked to make 5 spoons for last year's Miss New West and her 4 ambassadors. For a year, they all represented the City of New Westminster at a host of local events and traveled to parades and festivals throughout BC and the Pacific Northwest.

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    They called me Loving Spoonful... but they are not the first ones!

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    Meet my friend Louise from The Printed Peanut.

    We shared a table at the February Blim market and had a blast.

    We'll be back at the next one on March 17 2013, more details to come soon!

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  • Grapefruit spoon


    A French girl I met a few weeks ago asked me if I had a grapefruit spoon for her boyfriend, because this is what their love story started with... They spent the first night together, and as she was getting ready to leave the next morning, he tried to make her stay for breakfast by showing her his grapefruit spoon and how to eat one with it. She stayed for breakfast that morning, and 3 years later, she lives in Vancouver and he is coming to visit her from France in a few days!

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  • Cartas de Amor (love letters). A collection of personal love letters from 18 bloggers, including Jen Ramos from Made by Girl

    Special Valentine issue. So sweet!

    The Loving Spoon is featured on the last page, and a clever idea is suggested for the men wanting to propose...!!

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  • This Thursday, February 7, join us at Bird on a Wire on Main St (and Broadway) 7-9.30pm for a drink and chat!

    The Loving Spoon is the featured artist, along with Kate Duncan from WTFrame . Check out her website and come say hi!

    Bird on a Wire is an amazing little store on Main St, filled with treasures from local artists only, from jewelry and handmade pottery and clothes, to art for your walls, and of course you can find a big selection of Loving Spoons there. 

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  • TLS featured in The Anthology

    The Anthology is a celebration of all things beautiful — fashion, design, travel, and the arts — 

    written, edited and often photographed by Vancouver-based writer Kelsey Dundon.

    As I found out yesterday, she also wrote the featuring on The Loving Spoon on Vitamin Daily about a year ago.

    Thank you for your beautiful post Kelsey!

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  • Oh my. It's getting better and better! 

    The Loving Spoon is featured in February's Canadian Reader's Digest.

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  • Sheraton Hotel spoons


    Yesterday I spent several hours of my day cleaning those very tarnished and dirty spoons, all coming from the Sheraton hotel. They show 2 logos, the very early one and the current one. The oldest spoons are probably form the 40's and were found in a little antique store in Indiana (thanks Bev!).

    Funny story, the Sheraton chain was founded in the late 30's when two Americans started buying hotels on the East Coast... one of those hotels had a very big sign with the name Sheraton on it, which was too pricey to remove. They left it there and named all their hotels Sheraton!

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  • Here is the print version:

    and here is the online version

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  • Moulin à Carole

    Moulin à parole is a french expression used to describe someone who talks a lot (literally word mill).

    This ladle went to a girl in France who's name is Carole, and she was called Moulin à Carole by her family because she talked a lot when she was little!
    The alphabet in the bottom reminds of the alphabet noodles in the soup from when we were kids!

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  • We shared a table with Sean Karemaker at the December Blim market.

    He's a very talented artist, he draws, paints, makes sculptures, comics books etc...  check out his blog here!

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  • You are an angel Ideh

    I was going to rewrite this story but it's perfect as it is: 

    "I moved to Vancouver two years ago. The only person I knew at that time was Ideh. She helped me and my sister a lot with everything. Now both of us love her like she is our sister. We thought by giving her the spoon and the knife she'll have something special from us for forever. We are best friends now. I always see Ideh as an angel."

    What a beautiful little story :) Thank you for sharing it Armineh!

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  • Join Mellifera and The loving spoon Sunday Dec.16 at the Marche St. George (28th & St. George)  from 10-noon for a spot of tea, perhaps a nibble of a croissant too. Melissa from Mellifera will have infused honey on hand for you to taste and sweeten your tea/coffee with. Maya from the Loving spoon will be taking custom orders of sweet nothings to be hand stamped on silver spoons. Also, on hand will be gift boxes to give to the sweetie(s) in your life. Can’t wait to see you there!

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    Sneak peek at yesterday's Lonsdale Quay Market in North Vancouver

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  •  Join us this Sunday December 9th at the Lonsdale Quay Market in North Van, 12pm to 7pm!

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  • What to do with old lightbulbs...


    A lot of people around me were wondering why I kept asking for old broken lightbulbs...It was to do something better than throwing them away!! 
    I emptied them, them filled them with Kitsilano/Vancouver sand (because I am lucky enough to live 2 blocks from the ocean) and inserted an air plant (aka Tillandsia) which requires very little care. 
    It's a real plant but it doesn't need soil because water and nutrients are absorbed through the leaves.

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  •  Luckily enough, 260 spoons and 

    forks don't take that much room.

    I am more than ready for the West Coast 

    Christmas Show and hope to see lots of you there! 

    I will also be taking custom orders.

    See you there this weekend!

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  • Chuck's Moosli


    This story cracked me up! This spoon was ordered by a girl in Australia for 
    her boyfriend's dad.
    The dad can't actually pronounce 'muesli' and is a grumpy old man 
    every morning and sits in bed complaining and grumbling, until their mum
    brings muesli and he goes to work. Every morning he demands 
    WHERE'S MY MOOSLI with a big, deep voice, and all the kids make fun of him for it!

    'Don't touch Dad's muesli', 'don't you mean MOOSLI' !

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  • September 20, 2012

    A week ago, a couple in Québec got married
    (congratulations to them!)... the bride has a passion for baking and
    decorating cakes so this is a perfect remembrance for her

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  • ...we'll start with forever

     This one went to a sweet girl in Italy, for her best friend. They now live and study together in Rome, and with this message, she hopes that their friendship will continue forever despite time and distance.

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  • Tea Time


    I'm more of a coffee person, but this morning I felt like a good English Breakfast to start the day!

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  • It's always cake o'clock!


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  •  Distill Gallery is fully stocked for the Holiday season!

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  • Not all those who wonder are lost

    My friend Kate was looking for a present for her sister who is going to live in Australia for one year. She needed something personal and small, that she could easily fit in her suitcase and travel with. They met at Vancouver's airport yesterday, in between her flights, as she had a lay-over here on her way to Australia. This spoon is to wish her luck during her year of adventures!

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  • Holiday Package

     We have news! 

    The Loving Spoon and Mellifera bees created a holiday package including one customized spoon, one 4oz vanilla-infused local honey, and one package of organic English Breakfast tea.
    You can buy it here!

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  • I feel like I don't emphasize enough how fascinated I am by all those antique spoons and cutlery. I can spend hours dreaming about what they were used for, by whom, how many decades or more ago, and where about in the world. I was just cleaning a big batch of very old, (very very) tarnished spoons this morning, and as I was rubbing the "black" off of one, a hand-carved name appeared on the back of the handle. It reads "Gladys Kirwin".
    Imagine my excitement when I saw that!! 

    I did some research and it looks like it was a quite common name; most of the Gladys Kirwins I found were located in the US (Texas, Nebraska, Massachusetts and Arkansas mostly) and were born between 1900 and 1920. There are quite a few in Queensland, Australia in the 40's and 50's and a lot more in England. 

    Was is a little girl who wanted to make this spoon hers, so that her brothers and sisters wouldn't use it? In the 1920's? In Worcestershire, England? I can make up so many stories like that. I would be curious to read what your story would be?!

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  • Keep Calm and Carry on

    Keep Calm and Carry On

    If you want to see the Loving Spoon's stories instantly, make sure to like us our Facebook page!

    In the meantime, here is some an interesting (and fun) story :

    Everyone has heard or read this iconic sentence somewhere, but does anyone know where it comes from?

    It turns out that “Keep Calm and Carry On” was a poster created by the Government of the UK in 1939 to spur people to continue living in spite of Nazi Germany’s bombing raids; a propaganda piece that was never seen by the public until 2000. Owners of a Northeast British book store discovered the old print in a box bought from an auction.

    After hanging the print up on the shop floor, customers wanted to have a copy of their own, and the phrase’s popularity took off.

    Have a look at this lovely video for a better description of its history!

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  • Vitamin Daily featurings

    The Loving Spoon is very happy and proud to have been featured on Vitamin Daily twice this year, one in the Vancouver edition (March 2012) and one in the Toronto edition (September 2012)!

    See the Vancouver featuring here and the Toronto one here


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  • West Coast Christmas Show 2012


    The Loving Spoon will be at the West Coast Christmas Show 2012 in Abbotsford (at the Tradex Trade and Exhibition Center), this coming November 30, December 1st and 2nd. I will be selling hand stamped, antique, silver spoons, forks, cake servers, and other cutlery, and will also be taking custom orders for your loved ones! Click here to see the map!

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