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  • BIG NEWS: I am expanding! Discover my new collection of personalized necklaces  "BEAUTIFUL TIMES".

    You can choose from 3 shapes of pendant (circle, hexagon or moon), the letter I should stamp on it (or just a if you prefer). They all come with a vintage little watch mechanism and you can choose the length of the chain (40, 50 or 65cm). It's all 16K polished gold plated over brass.

    54CHF and shipping worldwide order here.

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  • YES! I am finally and officially launching my new line of SWISS spoons and key rings, which means I am off next week in the mountains to look for nice tourist/souvenir stores that would carry the swiss collection. I am starting with Graubünden (Klosters and around, Davos, St Moritz, Arosa etc). If anyone has any ideas or tips please share, anything is welcome! If you know of a specific village or store let me know! More pictures and products here.


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  • My kind of christmas present!

    Magali Riom, from Geneva,  handmakes each little pouch with reclaimed fabrics to create a unique little gift pouch for your spoon, that can be reused afterwards :)

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  • This has been our "sunday fun" project with my boyfriend this year, summer is slowly over and sundays will start being long and cold again, we can get back in the atelier and make BEER BOTTLE CAP MAGNETS! They are now available online, either all ready in different themes:
    -old watch parts
    -dried flowers (sometimes sprinkled with some glitter)
    -old music partitions
    -glittery winter snow flakes
    -bird images from an old french Sotheby's auction book
    -old Mickey Mouse cartoon
    or personalized with maps.
    Get them here and here.


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  • Soup set as a wedding gift

    One "soup set" is on its way to Yverdon-les-Bain as a wedding gift!
    These Bülach jars are from 1915-1950 and were used to can vegetables before and during the war, to be able to store the harvest preferably for several years so it would not perish. Read more about it here :)

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  • Christmas cake servers!

    Look at what I found!!!

    Christmas cake servers! Only two available, here and here, and as is, I cannot stamp it with a message since all the space is taken, hence the price of 50CHF.

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  • Focus of the week: turning forks into hooks, for your keys, jewelry, kitchen towels, etc!
    Those will be available at my next event in Geneva, Les jours Vintage à Palexpo - Genève.

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  • First prototype of fork hook!

    My very first prototype is ready! My hands hurt from drilling all these holes in the forks... What do y'all think?

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  • fouta and The Loving Spoon paired up to create the perfect upcycled gift for a newborn or baby, a fouta baby bib with a baby spoon. 

    fouta towels are designed in Switzerland and made of high quality certified organic cotton in Tunisia. With the leftover fabric of the towels, the line "fouta Upcycling" was created, and amongst other products, baby bibs are produced in an atelier in Luzern.

    The baby bibs (28x30cm) are available in 5 colors, and the set comes with one baby bib, and one personalized baby or espresso spoon (respectively 72CHF and 66CHF).

    Link to the sets here and here.

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  • Knives were piling up in a box, I had to find something to do with them, to make them useful and give them a new life! So they became magnetic vases =) In the set is included a little metal base which you can nail to the wall, so you don't need a magnetic fridge, and you can put them anywhere. Available at Comepony (Lagerstrasse 34 in Zürich), or HERE!

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    This summer,  have been working hard preparing new products, mostly to have them for all my Christmas markets I am going to attend at the end of this year. The result is jewelry (bracelets and rings) made out of the handles of old spoons and cutlery! For now, those are only available at the store à ma fille in Rolle (close to Lausanne). They will not be available online for a while, send me an email at maya (at ) thelovingspoon (dot) net if you are interested =)

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  • Mother's day J-5!

    Here's something for her, simple and special at the same time. A spoon handle key ring with the message "Best mom", in case you want to remind her gently :)  Available here:

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  • They carry you everywhere!

    So that your other half/friend/mom/dad carries you everywhere with them!

    The first ones go back and forth between Zürich and Berlin, and the second one is in cold Montreal.

    You can personalize your own spoon key ring here.

    Lovely day to all, stay warm!


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  • QUEEN vinyl clock

    SUPER cool QUEEN vinyl clock ! Only one available, size Ø30cm, 60CHF.

    Available here.

    Will arrive on time for Christmas if bought today and shipped to Switzerland.

    If you are in Zürich, you can also pick up at the Heiliger Bimbam market today and this weekend,

    or at Comepony.

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  • It made so sad to watch all those worn spoons pile up in a box in my workshop, I decided I needed to make something out of them. Something rather useful if possible... So i bought the necessary equipment (not so easy to cut a spoon and put wholes in it!), had my boyfriend show me how to use all those machines (no, I had no idea how to use a drill until not too long ago!), and voilà!

    Nice key rings, the handle of the spoon is as is, and the top, which I flattened, can be personalized with your message.

    You can see and choose from all the designs I have available here, and also order your custom key ring. So your mom/dad/friend/boyfriend/girlfriend can carry you with them all day long :)

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  • ***LATEST NEWS*** I can finally share the latest project I have been working on with Magali Riom! Magali is a designer from Geneva, and she is now making the packaging for The Loving Spoon. I needed some gift wrapping that would fit easily in an envelope without bringing the cost of shipping up, like a box would. Each little pouch is handmade by her, using reclaimed fabrics and is unique. We also made a special logo for our collaboration. Each spoon can now be purchased on my website with or without a little pocket. They can also be reused afterwards, I use mine to put my make up in when I travel, or my little shower gel when I go to the fitness. You can visit Magali's website here.
    What do you think? 

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  • Big news this week my friends!

    I am happy to finally reveal you the latest project and collaboration i have been working on.

    I am starting to introduce and sell new projects and products on my website,

    following my motto of "re-purpose, re-value, re-love", the first products being clocks, agendas and

    notebooks of different sizes made out of old vinyls.

    I use them myself and this is how the idea came up.

    This morning in went and picked them (up), so they are now available for purchase and

    with more details here:

    These are made here in Zurich and i have different styles of music and colours.

    Clocks are in the making and will be available next week.

    Dont hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

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  • Gift-packaging news

    Here's a little sneep peak of a project we have been working on with Magali Riom from Geneva during the last few weeks. She is going to make packaging/gift-wrapping for my spoons (those are the prototypes); each little pouch will be handmade by her, using upcycled fabrics, and can be reused for something else (for example to put your make up, or pens or something smaller in your purse?!). They will soon be available to get with each spoon on my website! I can't wait to see the finished product, we are also preparing a special collaboration logo!



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  • Aladdin vase

    So folks, what do we do with an old silver hotel saucer we don't have any more use for? And the nice little plants that grow between the tram tracks (ok not the big green one, only the little red ones!)?
    We make what I call an ALADDIN VASE. 
    It's for sale only if you live in Zürich and can pick it up, no shipping on this one!

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  • I had a few people ask about those garden markers, and I just uploaded them on my website so you can get them directly. Set of 6 garden markers on flattened spoons, you pick your herb/plant name and I make them specially for you =)
    Find them here

    Happy day!

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  • A few weeks ago, I found those weird silver-plated spatulas at a Brockenhaus in Zürich.

    I bought them without knowing what I was going to make with them, and I thought that

    they would fit nicely on the brunch table. They have a shape in between and spoon and a knife,

    so i say they can be used as a jam spoon and a butter knife!

    I only have 3 sets, so hurry if you like it =)

    Only one has this message on it, the 2 other ones can be customized.

    Find them here!

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  • Dear friends,

    I am happy and proud to finally show you an extension of my "line", with a different use of silver cutlery.
    They are the same old silver plated spoons but turned into bracelets!
    I only have a few pieces for now (about 20 pieces), and will be showing and selling them at my stand in the BIG store in Viadukt, during the Kreislauf 4&5 this weekend in Zürich (Friday 16h-21h, Saturday 11h-18 and Sunday 11h-18h), 
    along with the usual customized spoons, of course!
    They will be available for purchase on my website after the Kreislauf .

    Each bracelet has the name and the year that the pattern was first produced; the ones I have so far range from 1937 to 1961, and each one comes with a fresh water pearl (see pictures).

    Come have a look this weekend 


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  • Latest addition to the stamp collection!

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  • NEW: Exploring silver trays!

    This beautiful little oval tray goes to a freshly graduated medical doctor in Geneva (yesterday!), as a present from her sister.
    She didn't choose it to serve food in it, but as a tray to put her personal belongings, jewelry, keys etc.

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  • Exploring new silver products

    For a new baby in Greece, Welcome to the world Giorgos.

    Set to be a coffee drinker!

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  • New packaging!

    I have been making those little pockets out of leftover pieces of fabric from Comepony. 
    Nice to hide the spoon in when gifting, and can be reused to... carry your pen in your purse/bag??
    Will be available online soon for 3CHF, and in a couple of stores carrying The Loving Spoon :D 

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  • ***New stamps***

     ***New stamps*** The Swiss post seems to like giving me trouble 

    but i finally received my new stamps! Here is a preview of all of them, 

    if you would like one of them on your spoon, just specify it when you order.

     Aren't they pure cuteness?!?

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  • Holiday Package

     We have news! 

    The Loving Spoon and Mellifera bees created a holiday package including one customized spoon, one 4oz vanilla-infused local honey, and one package of organic English Breakfast tea.
    You can buy it here!

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