September 01, 2014


By Maya Chelmis



A few weeks ago, a found this big set of old cutlery from the American airline UNITED AIRLINES. I won it at an auction happening in Seattle WA.
They were pretty nasty, very dirty and heavily tarnished, but by now I know how to take care of that (it took me couple of days to clean them up though!).
I have had a couple people asking me what they could get their friends who were leaving work, or going traveling.
This is my answer :)
They can be personalized, and I have a few pieces from other airlines (Western Airlines, created in 1925 and Northwest Airlines created in 1926 and closed in 2010, Pan American airlines, created in 1926 and closed in 1991).
I only have 3 sets of spoon-fork-knife, and a few more spoon-knife sets. You can get them directly here: