November 04, 2014

The "Gonzo Görrlz" story

By Maya Chelmis

I was going to edit it and make it shorter, but I don't think I can/want to, so here is Simone's story, as she sent it to me! Zürich people will recognize the setting :) :

"We are 5 girls who went to school together. We kind of lost track during the years, our lives were going different ways, some went to see the world, some worked hard, some had children, got married, settled down... But we somehow got back together (facebook/friends/coincidence) 3 years ago and found out that we are still the same 5 girls. So we decided to go out and have fun and dance and eat and drink at least once a month. And because we always went to the same club, Gonzo on the Langstrasse, we called ourselves "Gonzo-Görrlz". I am so so happy to have my girls back and I wanted to make them a special gift for Christmas - what could be nicer than Lovingspoons! By stirring strong coffee with your lovely spoons, we will even share hard hangover mornings after the long Gonzo-Görrlz-Nights."

Ps: I got special permission to post this story before Christmas :)