February 01, 2016

Some history!

By Maya Chelmis
And today, some history!
I found this brochure/guarantee paper with one of the sets I bought from the US. I wish it had a date on it, but I assume it it from around the 30-40's.
If you have a moment to read it, it's funny, if not, the most interesting part is that "housewives who use their Tarnish-Proof chest and polish their silverware occasionally to restore the luster have no trouble with tarnish". Who would talk about "housewives" nowadays!
Dishwashers became popular only in the 50's, after the war, and only to he wealthy. By the 1970s dishwashers had become commonplace in domestic residences in North America and Western Europe. Of course they didn't have to mention to not put your silverware in the dishwasher, like I tell everyone ;)
The ad is from 1950 :)