Solid shampoo

This has absolutely nothing to do with spoons or upcycling but... it has a lot to do with the use of an essential environmental friendly product, produced locally and supporting a small artisanal company, which I chose to support and present you here. I first discovered the products from Argennos in 2013 when I was doing a market in Montreux and instantly got hooked with their products. I have been using the solid shampoo for years now, have been spreading it to all my friends and all of them who tried it also got hooked. Solid shampoo hää? might you ask. Yes solid shampoo :)
It looks like a normal soap bar, it's actually not soap like we know it.
- contains only natural, plant and mineral based ingredients and no caustic soda (which is a cleaning agent).
- very economic, can last 60-70 washes (depending on the hair length)
- very easy to travel with,
- saves a lot of plastic bottles (approximately the equivalent of two bottles of traditional liquid shampoo)
- costs only...14CHF per shampoo
- foams A LOT, in case that is a question/worry like I have been asked before.
- and a great present, I find! :)
I personally guarantee you will love these solid shampoos, there are different kinds for all types of hair. Check them all out and pick what suits to yours. The ingredients are listed by each shampoo.
They are 100% vegan, made in Neirivue (Canton of Fribourg) by a couple, Linda & Bruno, who are originally from Ticino.
You support a local, artisanal, handmade product and contribute to reduce the use of plastic bottles.
Thank you for the support!