Beer bottle cap magnets (set of 4)

Product Description

Some extra little "fun" added to the upcycling concept, with magnets made out of beer bottle caps!

In the caps, time has stopped with encapsulated images of:

-old watch parts
-dried flowers (sometimes sprinkled with some glitter)
-countries, cities or villages from an old atlas
-old music partitions
-glittery winter snow flakes
-bird images from an old french Sotheby's auction book
-old Mickey Mouse cartoon
See all the pictures for examples! The magnet is quite strong and can easily hold 1-2 post cards on a fridge or metal surfaces (for example).
The magnets are sold per set of 4 for 20.- and per theme. They will not be the exact same ones as on the picture as they are all unique, but in the same idea.