Set of 4 knife vases with hanging metal base for magnetic knife vases

100.00 CHF
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Little vases made out of the hollow knife handles. They all have a little magnet on the back so you can have them on your fridge or any metal surface. They all measure between 6 and 9 cm and can carry a few light flowers, or one bigger flower (weight-wise). Flowers are not included.

I had those little hanging metal bases made so you can hang your magnetic knife vases anywhere, and not only on your fridge! 

Measures approximately 18cmx6cm and can be hung on the wall with two nails or screws.

Here you are buying 4 knife vases with the metal base, you can also buy the metal hanging base alone, or a set of 3 knife vases with metallic hanging base. The design of those sets is subject to availability.