The Loving Spoon

*Spoon bookmark with tassel

Product Description

Another use for old silverplate spoons: a sweet bookmark to help you remember where you fell asleep :)

3 versions available:

1) CUSTOMIZED with your own text (32.-)

2) Fell asleep here (28.-)

3) Hier eingeschlafen (28.-)

IMPORTANT: if you want your own text or name on the bookmark, this counts as a personalized one, even if it's "Lucas fell asleep here" as I have to make it especially for you. In this case, please make sure you select option 1). If you select option 2) or 3), I will send you one of the ones I have made already, with no extra text or name. Thank you!

You can tell me which color you prefer for the tassel, the options are:



*dark blue

*light blue


If not color instruction are provided, I will pick the color myself, they are all beautiful!

Sweet dreams :)