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  • This has been our "sunday fun" project with my boyfriend this year, summer is slowly over and sundays will start being long and cold again, we can get back in the atelier and make BEER BOTTLE CAP MAGNETS! They are now available online, either all ready in different themes:
    -old watch parts
    -dried flowers (sometimes sprinkled with some glitter)
    -old music partitions
    -glittery winter snow flakes
    -bird images from an old french Sotheby's auction book
    -old Mickey Mouse cartoon
    or personalized with maps.
    Get them here and here.


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  • Slow Motion Projects update

    Dear friends,
    The association Slow Motion Projects that I (and you!) support by donating 1CHF for each spoon sold has finished its project in Mongolia. They were there for 3 months and accomplished great things with the kids from Ulaanbaatar (Ulan- Bator, the capital), allowing children from poor families to build their future in a sustainable way, and learn how to preserve the nature of Mongolia.
    Here's a summary in pictures and some numbers of what they have done.
    They are now in China, working on some other amazing projects. If you want to read more and/or support them, visit their website:
    Way to go Lisa Bøunoure & Nicolas реяопу, I am so proud of you!!!


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  • I am happy to happy to share some beautiful pictures that were taken by Christelle Naville Photographie, for a photo shooting organized by A Very Special Day - Life Events (merci Kristell!!!), of these two gorgeous brides - "Madame et Madame" :) If you need an event planner and/or a photographer, don't look further!

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  • Dear friends,

    For the last year, I have been seriously thinking about donating a little part of each spoon sold to an organization or an association. It won't be huge, but if I add up 50 cents or 1CHF or so for each spoon that I sell online or at a market, it sure can make a small difference. Now, how to decide who to give this money to? a Swiss association? an international association? which cause to support? an environmental, an social, a cultural cause? where? I have often heard about big associations and organizations using the donated money to organize big parties, with unlimited champagne, have big expensive cars and the remaining money being very little from the amounts donated by people like you and me. Even if only half of it is true, I am not interested in participating in that.
    I can now say, Eurêka, I found one! My friends Lisa and Nico have created a Swiss-based non-profit organization called Slow Motion Projects whose goal is to allow underprivileged communities to Iive a better life in a socially and environmentally sustainable way. This year, they are working with local NGOs in Mongolia, China and India to create environmental education and outreach projects. They will help their local partners to reconnect kids from the Ulan Bator slums with the nature surrounding them; renovate an environmental museum and organise sustainability challenges in schools in the Yunnan province of China; and a lot more. Slow Motion Projects gives 100% of the donations they receive for developing the projects and travel to the project locations using only sustainable and local means of transportation (train, bicycle, bus and walking - no flying).
    It became obvious, that this non profit and non governmental association founded by my friends should receive this donation.
    So I am now proud to announce, that in 2016, from the price of each spoon or piece of cutlery you buy from The Loving Spoon, 1CHF will go towards helping to find these projects. They left on April 1st 2016, and I am not going to see them for a year :( unless I go visit them! But it's for a good cause :)
    Visit their website and their facebook page to follow the advancement of their projects!

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  • fouta and The Loving Spoon paired up to create the perfect upcycled gift for a newborn or baby, a fouta baby bib with a baby spoon. 

    fouta towels are designed in Switzerland and made of high quality certified organic cotton in Tunisia. With the leftover fabric of the towels, the line "fouta Upcycling" was created, and amongst other products, baby bibs are produced in an atelier in Luzern.

    The baby bibs (28x30cm) are available in 5 colors, and the set comes with one baby bib, and one personalized baby or espresso spoon (respectively 72CHF and 66CHF).

    Link to the sets here and here.

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  • A day with The Loving Spoon


    My very talented friend Olivier (from Atelier 171) and I are both very busy bees, we started working on this video exactly one year ago and I am happy and proud to finally share it with everyone! You can get a little taste of what a day with The Loving Spoon looks like, the length of it is not very representative but we had to keep it short! It was entirely filmed in Zürich, Switzerland.
    You can share it with your friends and family and let me know what you think!

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  • Big news this week my friends!

    I am happy to finally reveal you the latest project and collaboration i have been working on.

    I am starting to introduce and sell new projects and products on my website,

    following my motto of "re-purpose, re-value, re-love", the first products being clocks, agendas and

    notebooks of different sizes made out of old vinyls.

    I use them myself and this is how the idea came up.

    This morning in went and picked them (up), so they are now available for purchase and

    with more details here:

    These are made here in Zurich and i have different styles of music and colours.

    Clocks are in the making and will be available next week.

    Dont hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

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  • Gift-packaging news

    Here's a little sneep peak of a project we have been working on with Magali Riom from Geneva during the last few weeks. She is going to make packaging/gift-wrapping for my spoons (those are the prototypes); each little pouch will be handmade by her, using upcycled fabrics, and can be reused for something else (for example to put your make up, or pens or something smaller in your purse?!). They will soon be available to get with each spoon on my website! I can't wait to see the finished product, we are also preparing a special collaboration logo!



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  • In case you are looking for a special and personalized gift, check out Ariane's website Blingthing!

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  • What to do with old lightbulbs...


    A lot of people around me were wondering why I kept asking for old broken lightbulbs...It was to do something better than throwing them away!! 
    I emptied them, them filled them with Kitsilano/Vancouver sand (because I am lucky enough to live 2 blocks from the ocean) and inserted an air plant (aka Tillandsia) which requires very little care. 
    It's a real plant but it doesn't need soil because water and nutrients are absorbed through the leaves.

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